Comfort Plans

Why our Comfort Plans?

Home protection just got simple. Our ultimate home comfort plans ensure that your home is running at peak efficiency.

Your furnace, air conditioner, plumbing, and electrical wiring work together keep your home comfortable. So when these systems need repair or replacement, you want them fixed in a timely manner.

Our Comfort Plans can help!

While your homeowners insurance covers damage caused by unfortunate events, it won’t help with maintenance or breakdowns.

Our home protection plans offset the expenses associated with repairs and seasonal checkups. You can customize coverage for only the systems you choose to ensure you’re covered where you need it most.

Heating Plan

We’re here to protect your furnace and ensure that your home is nice an warm. Included in this package is an annual inspection to ensure that your furnace is running efficiently.

Cooling Plan

Protecting your air conditioner is imperative to ensure that your home is cool in the summer months. Included in this package is an annual inspection to ensure that your air conditioner is running at peak performance.

Plumbing Plan

This plumbing plan will cover diagnosis, and minor repairs to your plumbing and drainage systems. We include an annual assessment to ensure your plumbing and drainage systems are at maximum efficiency.

Electrical Plan

Our annual assessment includes a diagnostics evaluation that will ensure your home is running safely & smoothly.

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